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The Magestic Splendor of Online Advertising! or some damn thing like that.

Novice Narcosis: Stepping into the kiddie pool of Online Advertising
by Robert Morris, Special to

As the Internet continues to grow and grow, millions of new people are being exposed to what's paying for all of this dot com hysteria -- Online Advertising. As the industry continues to develop, so does the terminology.

And with all of the new advertising executives switching over from traditional mediums to the online variety, it only makes sense to try and educate (or refresh, depending on your experience level) everyone on the lingo that has enveloped into an almost counter-culture in the advertising world.

So in our second installment of Novice Narcosis (F-K), we'll review some of the more common language that is specific to the online world.

Firewall - A security barrier set up between a company's internal systems and outside systems. Firewalls keep hostile and unwanted visitors out of the company's internal information and can keep employees in, discouraging them from surfing the Web or playing games.

Gateway - This is an interface that connects two different networks. An interface that translates between two different protocols is also called a gateway.

Gross Exposures - A system to measure a server's workload by Webmasters. Each time a server sends a file to a browser, it is recorded as a "hit." Hits are generated for every element of a requested page - graphics, text, interactive items, et al. - even though this might not be the best way to accurately measure Web traffic.

HREF - Hyperlink Reference; HTML code. Specifies a URL as the linked resource.

HTML - Hypertext Mark-up Language; Coding language used to create hypertext documents on the Web. HTML formats text by placing marks (tags) around the text (similar to type-setting code).

Hyperlink - A highlighted word with a hypertext document (Web page) is a hyperlink. When clicked on, it will take you to another place on the Web.

IP Address - Internet Protocol Address; Each system connected to the Internet has a unique IP address which consists of a number in the format A.B.C.D where each of the sections is a decimal number between 0 and 255.

Keywords - Coding in a Web page that tells search engines hot to catalog the site so that readers may find it. Most pages will have several keywords for the different topics on the page, although some search engines are avoiding pages with more than a handful of keywords.

Next time, we'll continue through the alphabet with letters L through R.

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