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The Big News: The efficaciousness of email
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

The realm of email marketing has best been described as a love-hate relationship. When executed properly, the magic of marketing via email is readily apparent, as there is no better way to directly approach clients in a more personalized way. Getting to know a customer and then tailoring an offer to specifically suit their needs is the yearning of a precisely developed marketing plan. However, if your strategy is to bombard a list of clients with unpersonalized, unsolicited commercial email (spam), you might want to rethink your idea. The venom which people spew towards spam and spammers is the most lethal known to man, as the unsolicited email irritates those who receive it worse than any other direct marketing campaign.

Unlike any other marketing technique, email marketing is able to achieve numerous diverse feats with a single action. Initially, email marketing campaigns deliver more upfront as they reach an audience right where the heart is: a person's Inbox. This "direct to the people" approach is able to present a company's pitch closer than any other form of marketing, with the exception of a door to door strategy, as it gets you into a customer's home or office with little or no effort; the approach works much more efficiently than direct postage mailings as it offers your message in the client's Inbox and on his screen in an easy-to-use, proactive way. The email does all of the work; the client just has to point and click.

Over the past few years, personalized email marketing campaigns have proven to be one of the highest return on investment (ROI) possibilities for the in-tune marketer. The magic of email is that it allows a one-to-one or a one-to-many canvassing of literally hundreds of individuals or groups with a message that can be directly geared to suit their needs. And the real kicker? It's cheap. Really cheap. Like, cheaper than a decent meal. Yet even with the frugality of email, if used effectively, it can be the monster application that marketers have always wanted and knew was out there but could never fully grasp.

Email allows a company to distribute a marketing communiqué in an assortment of ways, utilizing dozens of messages each adapted for a customer's unique situation. Email also allows for specific tracking of campaigns, as detailed and precise as knowing who has clicked through to your site, to how many people have simply opened up the message or forwarded it on to others. Certainly, there are many unknowns that scare away marketers from the potential of email, but the possibilities that lie in the medium should be enough to entice even the most old school of marketers to at least experiment with the vast opportunity that is a client's Inbox.

But even with the amazing power of email, and with it's endless possibilities, comes a terrifying "other" side. Spam. Bulk email sent out without the user's permission and without his knowledge of what lies inside the message. Building a lasting relationship with the user is one of the groovy upshots of email marketing, but as difficult as it is to harvest that bond, it's just as easy to destroy your hard work with spam. Next time, will examine the odious portion of the love-hate relationship of email and just how devastating spam can be.

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