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The Magestic Splendor of Online Advertising! or some damn thing like that.

The Big News

The efficaciousness of email
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

The realm of email marketing has best been described as a love-hate relationship. When executed properly, the magic of marketing via email is readily apparent, as is there is no better way to directly approach clients in a more personalized way. Getting to know a customer and then tailoring an offer to specifically suit their needs is the yearning of a precisely developed marketing plan. However, if your strategy is to bombard a list of clients with unpersonalized, unsolicited commercial email (spam), you might want to rethink your idea.  [Full story]

Day two of Web Attack!
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

NEW YORK - After a lively night of entertainment by 6'7" drag queen/talk show host/singer RuPaul, Web Attack! awoke slowly on Friday morning with a supremely undistinguished discussion regarding branding online. "To Brand or Not To Brand?" did not live up to Thursday's stellar content, but was unfortunately the best session of the morning. The session lacked new ideas but did seem to reinforce traditional themes common to online marketers, especially those who follow the Online Ads Discussion List. [Full story]

Day one of Web Attack!
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

NEW YORK - On the first day of Iconocast's Web Attack!, Editor and CEO Michael Tchong promised that the second-year industry event would turn up the heat on it's competitors, delivering a form of "infotainment" unmatched by other Online Marketing conferences. And so far, Tchong has been dead-on accurate. Web Attack! has produced not only meaty content, but a sleek conference highlighted by the off-Broadway premiere of Tchong's own goofy idea-turned musical, "" [Full story]

The Latin America promise
Exclusive report by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

MIAMI - Latin America, with all of its potential and all of its problems, presents one of the greatest challenges to the world of Online Advertising. With limited resoures, a small but ever-expanding collection of could-be users and few ISPs in many countries, the industry has struggled to find its niche in many of the Latin America markets. Yet the major players continue to attempt to establish a presence in Latin America, with many setting up offices in Brazil, Columbia or Miami (America's Internet hub for all things south of the border) in hopes of being the first to capture one of the newest online bazaars.  [Full story]

The Big Three -- Is there a difference?
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

In the past few months, the world of Online Advertising has been revolutionized by a tectonic shift by the major ad networks. As of now, there are three major networks (The Big Three) - Engage, DoubleClick and 24/7 Media - which have become the dominant forces in the industry. But due to several happenings in recent months, the Big Three have acquired in excess of 18 smaller firms and have rolled them up under the collective umbrellas of the parent company. The result is that the Big Three all look very similar to each other. The question is: Are any of the Big Three doing anything to differentiate themselves from their rival competition? examines the Big Three to see if there really is that much of a difference in the services they deliver.  [Full story]

DoubleClick's double gaffe
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

The Federal Trade Commission announced last week that DoubleClick Inc., a leading Online Advertising firm, is being investigated because of its ad serving and data collecting practices. DoubleClick, while denying that any wrong-doing has taken place, has seen its stock price fall over 17 points in less than a week, an indication from investors that a problem may be uncovered. [Full story]

The future of marketing
by Lyn Chitow Oakes, EVP and General Manager of Engage

The future of Web marketing offers unprecedented opportunity to create highly personalized marketing and advertising campaigns to effectively reach consumers. Capitalizing on Web marketing now and in the future lies in the ability to combine networks, branding, technology, measurement, direct response and other e-marketing tactics to form a system that allows marketers to reach potential customers through the entire marketing lifecycle - from customer acquisition to customer retention. [Full story]

Ad networks a go-go
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

Within the last week, two major companies have introduced new ad networks that each hope will change the future of the Online Advertising industry, but in very distinct ways. One is a leader in the profession, with a proven formula for serving ads while the other, Berkeley, Calif.-based Lumeria is attempting to revolutionize the entire Internet with it's newest product, the Lumeria Ad Network. [Full story]

Online Advertising 2000
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

NEW ORLEANS - Online Advertising 2000 has come and gone, and not much has changed in the Online Advertising business. With harsh weather hampering both the east and west coasts last week, it was difficult for many of the speakers and attendees scheduled to be in New Orleans to make it into town. Instead, a smaller, lesser-known group of presenters attempted to make the struggling conference a success. [Full story]

A tale of two Freds
Exclusive report by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

What a difference a week makes.

In the span of seven days, Fred Showker has gone from a small business owner in Virginia to one of the most hated (or revered, depending on your vantage point) men in the Online Advertising industry. Fred's brainchild, a patent-pending technology that strips out ads coming into an ISP and replaces them with locally-sold advertising, stood to make him one of the most controversial men in America.
 [Full story]

Showker's revenge
by Ryan Monceaux, Editor In Chief

Fred Showker has the uncanny ability to portray himself in several different lights, most of them drawing on his distinct tastes and interests. At one point, he's just a country fellow, living off of his farm in rural Virginia, 90 miles southwest of Washington D.C. Yet just as quick, Showker can turn into a shrewd businessman with the savvy to have embraced the possibilities of the Internet at a time when practically no one knew what email meant. It's those complex doppelgangers that puzzle his detractors and adversaries, who see him as the man who could ruin Online Advertising as it is presently known. [Full story]

The email crackdown
by Jon Huntress, Contributing Editor

In the smorgasbord of formats for advertising online, the Big Cheese is still email. It was the first advertising vehicle on the Internet, and it's still one of the most effective ways to reach targeted consumers. Lately, though, this little-regulated advertising vehicle has ignited a firestorm of controversy. At issue: Should the public have the same legal right to privacy in email they have with telephone conversations? (The fact that the Web transcends national boundaries further clouds the issue. Who, indeed, will regulate it?) [Full story]

Is your banner ad running on a sex site?
by Jon Huntress, Contributing Editor

Has it happened to you yet? Have you received a call from an irate client informing you they just saw their banner on an X-rated Web site? Has your banner been proudly displayed over mounds of flesh, even though you make church furniture? Receiving a call at seven in the morning informing you that the phone number you just added to 50 pages of a major client's site actually connects their customers with a phone sex line is more effective than a double espresso for focusing the mind.  [Full story]

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