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The Magestic Splendor of Online Advertising! or some damn thing like that.

Ad Lib -- snarky or just plain wrong?
by Andrea Baker, Special to

Do you have a snarky infix?

Maybe you aren't familiar with the term -- neither is anyone I know. But then, almost everyone I know is, like me, hopelessly out of touch. In the age of hip-hop, you might say we're the polka. And nothing drives home that painful truth quite as forcefully as the alien tongue that has become the language of the Internet.
 [Full story]

Web designer - tragic hero?
by Andrea Baker, Special to

Consider the plight of the Web ad designer. Trained, more than likely, in commercial print design, he comes to work, his imagination ablaze with visual ideas in millions of colors. His inner child wants to play. And what does the Web give him to play with? The equivalent of a box of eight crayons and a plain piece of paper. No scissors, folding or glitter allowed. [Full story]

What's in a metaphor?
by Andrea Baker, Special to

The news that the Web is a vast superhighway might strike me as more exciting if I hadn't just heard it referred to in those terms three times in the last three days. I mean, couldn't you just as easily call it a library? Or an art gallery? Or a spaceship? For most of us, the metaphor depends on how we use the Internet, and that, of course, changes moment by moment. [Full story]

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