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Brand Central Station: What makes a winning brand?
by Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing
Applied Research & Consulting got 550 Internet users on the phone, divided them up into five age groups and asked them about online brands. The results showed up in the special Interactive Future edition of Advertising Age last month. And there, we learned what is important to surfers of all ages.

The most important brand characteristics to these surfers across the board were: Secure. Trustworthy. Convenient. Private. Fast.  [Full story]

Micro branding - multiple personalities
by Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing
Got a headache? Go to Want to color your hair? Go to Those are the brands you know and love. It probably didn't occur to you to head over to
Bristol-Myers Squibb is a $20 billion company doing business worldwide. But they have nowhere near the brand-name connection between need and solution that their products have. Why is that? Branding. What to do? Create multiple Web sites, of course. [Full story]

The PR Pundit: Don't get attached to attachments
by Eric Ward, President of

Question: How do I properly send attachments to the media via Email?

Eric Ward's response:

The short answer is that you don't. Ever. It's considered a huge breach of etiquette. However, let's discuss a little deeper.
 [Full story]

Branding through email
by Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing

Email as a branding tool? You bet your in-box.

Keeping in mind that every customer contact has an effect on your brand, it's time to pay close attention to the way most of us reach out and touch our customers -- email.
 [Full story]

Home(page) is where the heart is
by Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing

Granted, branding starts with logos and slogans. A Super Bowl ad is a wonderful tool to bring people to your home page, but that's where a customer's impression moves from the sphere of imagination and into the browser box of actual experience.  [Full story]

The PR Pundit: Link popularity
by Eric Ward, President of

Question: What Is link popularity and why does it matter?

Eric Ward's response:

The simplest definition is that link popularity is the number of other Web sites that have links on them to your Web site. Things are never simple, though. Link popularity is a fairly new-technique that several search engines are using to help rank sites for searchers.
 [Full story]

The promise of branding
by Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing

Is your brand important? More so than it was.
Is it different managing a brand online? You bet your browser.

Can I help clarify, spotlight, enlighten and amuse regarding Web branding for several months in a row? That, my friends, will be determined by you and your opinion.
 [Full story]


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